Looking for a professional, gifted and friendly composer to take care of your composing needs? 
My name is Martin Ahm, and I am the owner and founder of Ahmatron. I provide clients in the broadcast and advertising industry with the following services: 
- Custom made music
- Sound design
- Music supervision
- Sound mix and mastering for all platforms
- Audio branding and strategic use of sound

My bass and guitar are my two best friends when I work, but I will also include piano, synthesizer, sound design, drums, strings, horns, jew harp, cow bell and vocals in my compositions if needed.
I handle everything from composing trough recording and mixing to mastering. Producing sound and music that set the right mood or bring on a specific emotion is what makes me tick.
BMW, Siemens, Fanta. Discovery, MTV – what do these major international brands have in common? They are among the many international companies that turn to me to deliver custom music for broadcast, TV and media production.
My audio content provides firm support to both the story and mood of any project. Rest assured: your project is in my good hands. I provide what my clients want and I always meet the deadline!
I am based in Aarhus/Copenhagen, Denmark, where I am fortunate to work alongside many other talented and creative media professionals. Of course, many of my friends are skilled musicians too.
Apart from my extensive musical training, I hold a Masters Degree in marketing. And when I'm not completely emerged in creating commercial music, you can find me teaching marketing or Music Technology and Production at Det jyske Musikkonservatorium / Sonic College– or on stage performing with various bands.
Creativity needs exercise. In order to keep my creative muscles toned and fit, I regularly give them a good workout. My latest album, Suspense, is available on iTunes and already popular among producers all over the world.
In 2015 Martin will release an album (vinyl/download) as CODE ELEKTRO. The use of analog/digital synths, arpeggiators and sound design makes it sound like a mix of Blade Runner, Matrix and TRON.
Listen to it here: www.codeelektro.com
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